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Stage are delighted to have concluded the successful multi floor marketing and leasing campaign on 28,000 sq ft for BlackRock on their West End asset in the heart of Soho.

What started out being a traditional rolling refurbishment project and asset management play in the end turned into the design, creation, and delivery of innovative, agile, post covid friendly, Fully Fitted workspace.

Over the last three years of the project the team has learned an awful lot. Every floor delivered and signed we were challenged by fluctuating market conditions and changing demands the end users placed on the workspace. But not in anyone’s wildest dreams, did we think that 5 of these 6, 4,500 sq ft floors, would be let Fully Fitted and delivered by the landlord.

Each time a floor came available we looked back at the last, reviewed what worked, what didn’t. We recognised where we could improve and what could be fine tuned for the next. We got more confident with our workspace product, its delivery, and leasing of it, every time.

Not only did we end up creating desirable workspace aligned to our target audience but we addressed some of the buildings challenges with innovative solutions. Particular powerful was the delivery of landlords fibre and connectivity infrastructure which future proofed the building floors with high bandwidth fibre capabilities. Every floor had access to 1GB of fibre on day one with the ability to boost to 10 GB on demand, we even installed dark fibre (unlimited band width) for the VFX sector who were showing interest in the building.

The last deal we agreed was particularly insightful. Here we worked and collaborated with the occupier and designed and delivered a bespoke turnkey workspace. Handily using one of the previous fitted floors which they loved as a base of the design and arrangement.

We even came close to agreeing a managed deal on one occasion. But maybe this is one for next time!

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